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Abroad factory adds strange luck reach 8
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Contest signs up for dispatch (reporter He Ling) those who accompanying east child CROSS model was in Malaysia factory on September 2 get offline and appear on the market, indicate car of move strange luck obtains a breakthrough again in the international market. President of strange luck company holds general manager Yin concurrently to tell a reporter with boast, this mark is worn of strange luck abroad factory of the 8th international throws operation formally. Oriental child CROSS is strange luck car and partner Malaysia ALA - the first car of DO company joint-stock production, name EASTARMPV in place. You Jirui and ALADO company invest the CheryAladoHoldingsSdn.Bhd that 12 million dollar establishs jointly. Joint-stock company, be located in new hill of Malaysia soft Buddha. This is strange luck is in the first factory of Malaysia, also be strange luck is in the 8th factory of the whole world.

According to the agreement, strange luck and ALA - DO company according to 50 than the stock of scale hold company of 50, will assemble production above all 2008 Jiruidong He Ruihu of Fang Zhizi CROSS, produce per year can be 30000, produces car will is in charge of be being reached in Malaysia by joint-stock company east alliance market undertakes selling. "Oriental child CROSS appears on the market in the success of Malaysia is the result that strange luck company and ALADO company give full cooperation, it is indicating both sides is reached in collective development Malaysia east the positive result that level sex obtained on alliance market. " Zhou Biren of vise general manager of strange luck company expresses: "Prospective strange luck still will put in more models in Malaysia market, to satisfy the requirement of local consumer ceaseless effort. To satisfy the requirement of local consumer ceaseless effort..

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