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Double dragon next month recommends new fund 37.98-43.98 of Rhys spy price 10 th
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The reporter learns from ministry of sale of China of double dragon car last week, double dragon plan introduces two Leisite to upgrade in next month model. New car all is accord with a country the benzine of 3.2L of Rhys spy Ⅱ of Ⅳ standard upgrades edition product, among them XD (5) with XH (7) the price of the paragraph is respectively three hundred and seventy-nine thousand eight hundred mix four hundred and thirty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan.

"Current, RX320P of Rhys spy Ⅱ already finished multinomial and important configuration to upgrade be about to brand-new appear on the market. " chief discloses related ministry of sale of China of double dragon car say, double dragon is opposite this of SUV of edition of benzine of 3.2L of Rhys spy Ⅱ add deserve to upgrade more comprehensive, configure promotion to the drive, technology that discharges Dou Youming to show to environmental protection from safety from suspension. Among them, RX320P XD of Rhys spy Ⅱ and XH upgrade for AWD full-time four-wheel drive, increased traffic drive hold charge gender and travel tracking sex, wheel of the back row before can making maintains the torque that waits for a quantity, and the person that do not need to drive has two drive and the transition between 4 drive.

In the meantime, new car still upgrades to total suspension in the round by half suspension, and added the multinomial and safe system such as ESP, HDC, ARP. This controller still points out, because Rhys is special Ⅱ and BMW X series, run quickly the design thought of M series is consistent, accordingly new car will continue to embark run quickly the technology of most advanced motion such as engine and gear-box, and exceed the configuration such as frame of rigid three-layer structure distinctly.

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