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Do 1.6 litres of models rise seventy-two thousand eight hundred yuan? Price of s
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Since 2008, the day of strange luck appears and uneasy, of sales volume glide gradually and of selling manager Li Feng leave his post cloudily, add the depression of domestic economy big environment, of car city low confuse the depression with the stock market to appear also rein in the pace that strange luck new car is rolled out and the company appears on the market. Several days ago, strange luck announces first of this year new model external eventually: Strange luck A3 will be in formal on September 26 " the whole world appears on the market " , from 2005 the car of compact course family expenses of modelling exposure is in those who experienced 3 years many this " harden oneself " later, should face the test of the market eventually.

Perhaps be strange luck A3 really when be born not to meet, since this year April, domestic car town

Look from professional technology and workmanship angle (the practitioner that the author also is automobile industry) , strange luck A3 is designed in the structure of chassis and still made great efforts one time on air officer, it is most also that media is testing 2 litres of models the opinion that gave opposite obverse side; Transmission is the soft costal region of own brand all the time, especially the hand in strange him luck uses transmission field, adjust period archives not Qing Dynasty and shift gear not the circumstance of free still happens from time to tome, but relative to this one price character, the function of the transmission of strange luck still is in acceptable range. The other firm that understands from media friend and author additionally checks the feedback circumstance of personnel to look, the athletic function of very difficult contented A3 on power of 1.6 litres of engine asks, a3 of 1.6 litres of strange luck is low the main task that carries a model or middle ground " fixed position family expenses, force spells sales volume " , and 1.8 litres suit to have the customer of particular demand to dynamical sex more with 2 litres of models, of course the price according to strange luck is politic, 1.8 litres of models of strange luck A3 also are met slightly a few more expensive.

Tell candidly, the competitor that strange luck A3 should face is really too much, competitive pressure will be strange luck before all new car place did not encounter! Adversary covered from 50 thousand to a few models of 100 thousand: The Li Fan of own brand 520, Biyadi is F3, auspicious Frv of nimble of distant view, fine horse; The nimble of joint-stock brand is amounted to, Yilante (old money) , Ailishe is waited a moment, these competitors covered domestic low end on market of compact class car 60 thousand to all 90 thousand yuan of models between. Because strange luck plans to did not roll out 1.6 litres, 1.8 litres are mixed 2, the A3 car of 0 litres of 3 platoons quantities, this also makes span compares the price of strange luck A3 to surprise before lucky A5 is bigger, the consumer that pays close attention to A3 anticipates to the mainstream price of strange luck A3 in 5 to 100 thousand yuan between, of course this need is premise with surmounting the tall configuration of mainstream competitor. Look from the information that at present the author obtains, strange luck A3 compares the dominant position with after with level competition is opposite, still be had stated in configuration respect photograph, in the safety performance respect that consumer cares generally, strange luck A3 also will compare majority 60 thousand own brand of the left and right sides 1.6 cars are better, had done not have credit in view of domestic C-ncap but character, after the author thinks to export Lai Jirui A3, if if have such as Adac,such tripartite orgnaization undertakes colliding checking to A3, the authentic sex reference with can be offerred certain to us.
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