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Run quickly cross a bound to seek to live on the rice bowl that who should grab?
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Before two days I still am saying " just think if one runs quickly C class cannot buy the price of 350 thousand only, so cheap to those tens of thousands of, the joint-stock and intermediate car of alleged high level, it is a nightmare probably. Just be in the head September a day, this nightmare came true. Beijing ran quickly to just release the car of standard type of a C200k, the price is knocked it is 348 thousand yuan surely, this is to run quickly at present the model in domestic price lowest, be apart from people run quickly the dream is closer one pace. " the time that just takes a moon cake, 34.8 became 8.7. Though be head pay, but the money that simply makes a nimble amount to first, can open a move to run quickly those who come home is alluring and absolutely

This is really " the result that the market competes adequately " . Competition must let run quickly to also want to grab a meal to eat.

Actually this should be reason in, unexpected. No matter come from sales volume or consequence,look after all, intermediate car is the vane of car city, in low end and the dominant sex force that advanced car also is or so market in one part, and luxurious perhaps car resembles advanced vehicle the highbrow art and literature of too high to be popular, their market level often is ignored for broad consumer. However, as the sharp change of environment of domestic and international car, advanced car also is doing those who get used to the market to adjust, it is even reducing social status gradually, with period the consumptive group that caters to bigger, wider extensive. Of new consumption tax carry out undoubted at accelerating this one process. Probably one day, after Ao Di, Woerwo, run quickly, BMW, Kaidilake brand model that stands high above the masses seemingly drops when defeating 300 thousand yuan to be not far, just also can cast off them to be in so only home is increasingly narrow domestic awkwardness. And mix with highest configuration comfortable sex and opposite " cheap " the price, attracting exquisite and actual the joint-stock and intermediate car of the high level with low-key consumer, run quickly, the advantage on brand of BMW and his like and character is him cannot look forward to reachs.

Run quickly to be in repeatedly nowadays now cross a bound to seek to live on protect rice bowl, have some of person so " rice bowl " be more one cannot say for sure, amitabha.

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