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Consumption tax does not block the old car that discharge an amount to heat up Y
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The consumption tax that began on September 1 is adjusted import a car to discharging an amount greatly it seems that and did not produce too big effect, EX35 of flower humble Ni Di and contemporary Laoensi land China in succession this month, lift an entrance car to appear on the market upsurge. On September 19, litter of EX35 of flower humble Ni Di runs model Crossover lands China formally, the EX35 of flower humble Ni Di that appears on the market this shares fashion edition and edition of elegance and talent two, price mixes 647 thousand yuan 627 thousand yuan for the RMB respectively.

The day that seizes responsible entrance is produced (China) the personage discloses related investment firm, it is early before September 1, the model already was transferred, because this gets consumption tax,adjust an influence not quite. EX35 is integrated the design element of Coupe and SUV, become to have litter to run the model crossing a boundary of the style. EX35 equipment day produces the VQ35HR engine that take great pride, its technology window includes piston of molybdenum of low attrition plating, careful polish camshaft, symmetrical type takes exhaust system, CVTCS is successive and alterable the top technology such as spiracle control. The part that engine has 80% was passed redesign, function index achieved 222 kilowatt most the peak value torque of high-power and rice of 358 oxen · . What cooperate with this engine is 5 fast hands from gear-box of an organic whole, manage programme controll by what high intelligence changes, its get used to a function to be able to drive according to what differ oneself the habit adjusts shift gears opportunity. Build before Infiniti in the intelligence on foundation of buy FM platform 4 drive system (ATTESA E-TS) driving force reasonable allocation, in general access condition falls, the motivation of 100% is accused by rear wheel palm, and road condition not when beautiful, driving force can be between around annulus stepless adjustment, front-wheel drive can gain the driving force of 50% at most.

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