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Si Ke amounts to a leader to express: Fabia Chinese name has not decide
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It is better that Chinese car sale will be maintained go situation

On September 19, the Shanghai masses Si Ke that comes round to attend Chengdu car to exhibit amounts to Fu Jiang of assistant inspector general of department of brand sale career to express when accepting media special report: The growth of Chinese car market and GDP growth direction are consistent, but prep above economy increases rate, although at present economy appears to glide or glide continuously for some time, the car sells what will still keep better to go situation perhaps glide not apparent, in changing a process to undertaking because of the family of Chinese car, automobile industry still is sunny industry of China at present.

Car market point of growth will transform 23 lines town

Fu Jiang thinks, at present coastal city suffers the big city of a gleam of such as our country Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and southeast economic situation effect is more apparent, so car sales volume glides speed the area gets Bixibude quickly much, western although the area sufferred the effect of natural disaster, but sales volume is steadier still, believe the improving car sales volume as economic situation also can rise further. Inside countrywide limits, it is completely understandable that common people feels not to move to need to hide money first, but how many does the bank deposit that does not forget Chinese common people have, the purchasing power of common people is very strong still. Rose somewhat at sales volume of before a few months relatively September, had had very good front, showed this adequately.

He expresses, future rapid point of growth is not in market of car of China of period of time big city of a gleam of, can transform 23 lines town however, include many provincial capital cities of ministry of Chinese and Western. Fu Jiang says he just went the city such as Xining, Lanzhou, see these urban change are very big, what with big city of a gleam of and southeast coastal city differs is, these western car market demand of the city is in vigorous growth, market demand is very big.

Should roll out a hand to move to intense competition take ESP " the edition that seize gold "

With respect to direction of change of price of Chinese current car Fu Jiang also made his analysis. He says, this year 1 - class A car depreciated on average August 8.5 % , price of class A high end is stabler, but at present the price still shows downtrend. Si Ke is amounted to at present give attention to two or morethings each square interest, although the price compares stability, but still strengthened a service, of course Si Ke is amounted to also is not to stand high above the masses, also should follow answer the market to compete with respect to city all right, strive for the product sex that lets consumer buy to valence plans than prep above and anticipate.
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