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Yilante seventy-nine thousand eight hundred go " does nimble amount to a course
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Near future Beijing is contemporary hit " Yi Lan comes home seventy-nine thousand eight hundred times especially " advertisement, to intermediate car, in most person impression, 70 thousand yuan are a price that attributes own brand, be like Biyadi F3, beauty of sea horse blessing comes, strange luck A5. For the joint-stock brand model that this outshines the rest to ever was on market of car of Chinese family expenses, how many a few let a person plaint open-eyed, ejaculatory is price fall rate of nowadays car city is fast, the interval that why can Yilante enter 70 thousand yuan is open-eyed? How to enter 70 thousand yuan interval?

This wants Cong Yilan special

Replacement money - Yue is moved appear on the market, old money keeps producing, new old at the same time the sale speaks of two. Beijing is actually contemporary early with respect to establish Yi Lan of new old fund is special two Dai Tongtang, what sell at the same time is politic, new plant uses Yue of put into production to move, and former plant still needs to rely on old money Yilantelaiman is sufficient produce can. Yue is moved depending on very successful replacement product stand firm 100 thousand yuan of price alignment that go up, this was destined Yilante will be in old money 100 thousand yuan of the following interval wanders, also was destined old money Yi Lan wants to rely on mature, stability to get the market especially " nimble amounts to a course " .

Can see, old money Yi Lan is moved in Yue especially after appearing on the market, its produce sales volume to still maintain the level that controls in 10 thousand basically, this explained to the competition ability that comparative still is had after price fall on one hand, was to explain manufacturer still has a month to sell 10 thousand demand to it more on the other hand, it is two generation are the same as likewise hall, but go up in this bit, yilante and old money are corollaceous different, basically be body is produced now can the requirement is different.

Old money should continue former the impetus of sell like hot cakes, want to be surmounted somewhat even, the advantage on the price is must, so, old money Yi Lan should walk along nimble to amount to a course especially, must want to have the advantage requirement on cost. Apparent, this requirement is had, what Yilante passes old money several years is popular, manufacturing form a complete set should have matured, and form quite large scale, homebred change rate promote substantially, to this year June, had achieved 92 % , and nimble amounts to be as high as 97 % . China has the advantage with manufacturing low cost, apparent China is built is the essential condition that nimble amounts to a course.

Nimble amounts to a course another essential condition retains namely the amount is huge, the market is mature, nimble is amounted to near 20 years are sold in China, and the time that Yilante does not go to 5 years only, retain bothly the quantity cannot be compared naturally, but the sales volume that many 650 thousand realized however in the time that latter is not in, this is a quite brilliant success, such retaining the quantity is ecbolic also the maturity of market of Yi Lan spy. Say nimble amounts to market maturity, show its public praise is good namely, famous spend and beautiful praise degree very tall, product quality is stable, the maintenance after carry out is convenient etc, in this respect, yilante and nimble are amounted to still not be on same order and degree, but degree of its market maturity, what public praise transmits a face is wide, count as one of the best also is in numerous model.
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