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Rong Wei plans to roll out new model of 1.8 litres of DVVT inside 550 years
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The graph is Rong Wei 550 exteriors picture

By banquet of the couplet that use a car data of can newest statistic learns, be in what just go in August, rong Wei 550 only month sales volume 2546, in the model that be the same as class, the Ming Rui that exceeded engine of same use 1.8T far and fast vacate, those who make this fractionize market is new get military vehicle model. And model of Rong Wei 5501.8T appeared on the market on June 19 from this year, sales volume achieved 2546 in August. Subsequently, rong Wei the 550 models that still will roll out tie-in 1.8DVVT engine, gradually the product line of type of plump a flight of stairs, the market competition ability of 550 still will enhance Rong Wei continuously.

And it is at the beginning of this month, rong Wei rolled out edition of Great Master of 750i set limit to, price is two hundred and fifty-eight thousand eight hundred, only put on sale of set limit to 300. This car is the highest configuration model of series of 7502.5V6 of 08 Rong Wei, mix the element of cup of more Sinuoke's Great Master, add on column of 750i model C " Master " metallic word mark, headrest of seat of in front of is inwrought " Master. Headrest of seat of in front of is inwrought " Master..

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